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Writer's Block, Continued

This is becoming a very frustrating state of affairs.

All month, writing has been an uphill struggle, and for the past two consecutive days, the little I have managed to get down needed to be deleted upon the instant, lest it derail the entire story. Even more frustrating is the fact that my rough draft of this manuscript is over 72k, and at this point the majority of the work should be re-writing and re-structuring what is already on paper.

Of course, the structuring is my main difficulty, as I have concentration and short term memory issues due to a thyroid condition. This was not helped by the personal difficulties which flung themselves at me a few weeks ago, and while logically I understand a short break might be helpful, I must see this novel through - quitting is not an option. But even a few days away might be too long in such a slump.

I am hoping that the new Sherlock episode might dislodge the creative juices, as that series has done in the past. Yet, I am preparing to return to that blank screen, with its cursor blinking mockingly, even if that fails to do the job, as it were. Coloring has been a help in the past, so I shall have to try that, as well...

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