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Obligatory Introductory Post

Salutations to no one in particular! Since I have been meaning to start keeping a journal again, and being underwhelmed with the formatting of less outmoded online blogs, its back to livejournal after quite a long hiatus from this place. With my health getting back on track, reading, writing and conjuring basic brain functioning is not so maddening - or rather, impossible, - a chore anymore, so it feels sometimes as though I am in increments waking up from an extended slumber.

When operating in such a fugue state, it is the little things in life that one comes to appreciate. On that note, I am very much looking forward to the coming New Year's celebration, even though it will likely be spent with family I only just saw for Christmas. Being shut away in the house for so long makes one begin to revel in the company of other people, no matter how simplistic or banal the gathering.

I also find that myself very much looking forward to the forthcoming BBC Sherlock episode set in the Victorian era, and am curious to see how the actors will interpret the characters they have been playing (occasionally, to the tune of a lamentable script) when thrust back into the past. I have always regarded the modern adaption as merely alternate universe, whereas now they have the issue of configuring those 19th century social mores that, I think, caused most instances of faulty characterizations in the modern day version. So, will it continue to remain a series more definable as an AU strongly based on Sherlock Holmes, or will this be a turning point, an appeasement of sorts, to the Holmesians who were given the cold shoulder with series three?

Either way, it has the potential to be either exceptional, as A Study In Pink was, or mind-mindbogglingly awful. Personally, I lean towards The Abominable Bride likely being one of the stronger episodes, but judgement must be reserved until it actually airs. I will say this - the only element that could ruin this for me is to insert heavy-handed amounts of anachronistic details. I enjoy my Sherlock Holmes stories as boys own adventures, and do not want to see that deconstructed for the sake of appeasing apparently very delicate modern sensibilities.

That being said, I do think Moffat & Gatiss can be extremely talented writers when they set their minds to a creative project, and deserve the benefit of the doubt. In the meantime, I have been once more bitten with the urge to read fanfiction, and with so much out there have hopes something will scratch the itch nicely whilst I wait.

Not very patiently.

And commence a countdown...

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